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Nothin’ says ‘I love you’ like something from the heart…show a pig in your life just how much you care with our new CUSTOM METAL BUTTPLUG.

We can engrave anything you want to say on the bottom base of this sleek, smooth buttplug.

The bulbous head slips right up your buttpucker and the flared base leaves your personalized message out there for all to see.

The ergonomic shape is designed for comfort wear and use…the sensation of cool metal subtly stretching your hole will have your meat throbbin’ in no time.

Write a heartfelt message to your beau or flag what you’re into just by showing your plugged up pucker…the possibilities are endless!

The more characters in your message, the more they form a circle around the base of the plug.

Each solid buttplug is made from high quality polished aircraft aluminum.


Lube safe: Water-based (recommended), silicone, hybrid, oil based

Cleaning: detergent and hot water or a diluted bleach/water solution. Dry thoroughly, do not store without cleaning or drying toy prior.


Made in USA

Aircraft Aluminum


Stats (Approximate):

CUSTOM BUTTPLUG I: 1 ½”/ 3.81 cm Diameter

CUSTOM BUTTPLUG II: 1 ¾”/ 4.445 cm Diameter

CUSTOM BUTTPLUG III: 2”/ 5.08 cm Diameter


*** When ordering, please type the wording exactly as you would like it to appear on the ring (Uppercase, Lowercase, Spacing). Limit of 21 characters including spacing.

  • Item #: CMD18100


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