COCK-T cockring from OXBALLS super soft silicone

Introducing the new n’ improved COCK-T’s everything you love about the original but even fleshier and softer than before.

COCK-T is our most comfortable cockring yet…the simple, sleek design is a take on classic o-rings but designed with your dick in mind.

The thick blubbery shape is light and compact but also pushes your package up n’ away from your body for a beefy bulge...looks hot as fuck in your favorite jockstrap or skintight gear.

COCK-T is designed to mimic flesh so it molds to your meat like a second skin.

And because COCK-T is made for comfort from super soft high quality silicone, there's no need to worry about chafing or your junk getting strangled...even after hours of wear n’ use.

Whether you've got a huge donkey dick or a stubby chode, COCK-T stretches to fit your meat and grips your cock in all the right places.




Pure Platinum Silicone

Made in USA


Lube safe: water-based (recommended), hybrid

Cleaning: Detergent and hot water, dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution


Stats (Approximate):

Inner Circumference: 4.5”/ 11.43 cm

Outer Circumference: 7.5”/ 19.05 cm

Thickness: 1”/ 2.54 cm

Weight: 1.8 oz





  • Item #: AJ-1003

COCK-T cockring from OXBALLS super soft silicone

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