TUG pull-down ballstretcher for weights SILICONE

TUG is a silicone ballstretcher with pull-down attached rubbery “wings” designed to add hanging weight—but with more accuracy and comfort than most tug-down ballstretchers.

We include a carabiner clip that connects the two wings so the weight(s) you add stay centered directly under the ballsack—this puts the heavy tugging where it works best, straight down.

When you add weight, the stretchy wings pull down and tighten the grip at the bottom of the B-ring—the more weight, the tighter the squeeze. TUG won’t slide down a sweaty sack…this thing stays on when things get heavy. 

TUG is handcrafted in Los Angeles using the absolute best Liquid Platinum Silicone—we custom mix our silicone for every batch of toys we make by hand. It’s the only way to get the exact feel for every design, you just can’t achieve it with machine made gear. Our colors are rich deep and lush. Our goal is the absolute best design and feel for every Platinum Silicone toy we make.  

Pure Platinum Silicone.  Made in USA 

Lube safe: water-based (recommended), hybrid

Cleaning: Detergent and hot water, dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution 


These weights are simply the best...smooth machined stainless steel, polished with metal eye hang-hole large enough for a carabiner. The weights hang straight down under your ballsack. 

Weights are sold in single packs.

4 ounce (approximately the weight of a stick of butter)

6 ounce (approximately the weight of a normal size iPhone)  

10 ounce each (the weight is a bit more than a can of REDBULL)



Ballstretcher Ring Height: 1.3" 33 mm

Ballstretcher Ring Width:  2.3” 59 mm

Ballstretcher Ring Length:  2” 51 mm

Total product length: 10.5" 267 mm

Total product width: 2.1" 54 mm

“Arm” length to tip of carabiner clip 4.2" 107 mm

Inside ballring circumference:  3.15” 81 mm

Inside ballring diameter:  1.4” 36 mm

Carabiner clip inside length 1.5” 39 mm

Weight (including carabiner clip):  5.25 ounces .15 kilo

**measurements are as accurate as possible, our liquid silicone toys are handmade so slight size variations can occur.

Hand-poured in small batches, finished in Los Angeles California, USA




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TUG pull-down ballstretcher for weights SILICONE

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