SPORT cockring by ATOMIC JOCK...Shockingly Superior
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The first flexible 2-color silicone cockring--no one has done this before…a hot pair of Adidas kicks inspired SPORT cockring…it’s got bold color raised stripes that ring the outside, rimmed with super-black silicone… “SPORT” embossed on the face…clean, sleek and very well made, and it WILL NOT BREAK!

Colors that show YOUR game…(or just match to your jock, your socks, or your sneaks).  Made of a firmer silicone, SPORT cockring grips your junk…its tighter right where you want it, it’ll keep you rock hard and ready for a marathon fuck.


The colors are super saturated, strong rich color; the Black is deep with a matte finish, so looks great with neoprene, leather or latex gear…

Use any lube.  This is the most durable highest quality silicone available.

Made by ATOMIC JOCK, power up your fuck with SPORT!

ATOMIC JOCK is a new product line from OXBALLS…toys will be either “Sport” based designs, or toys that are less bulky, sleek and more streamline, the designs are aimed at a younger customer than OXBALLS.  We love our dark sturdy OXBALLS designs, but felt there is a need for products that will have a wider appeal.

The silicone designs will be in a new type of material, it is firmer, similar in stretch to the old style neoprene rings and ballstretcher…it is strong stuff, these rings WILL NOT BREAK!  Our TPR products are in a new blend that is a little softer than the grade we use in OXBALLS product, it has a squishy quality like our soft silicone products.

Of course our products are Phthalate free, with no vinyl or PVC in our blend, ever.


Made in UK & Taiwan…design copyright OXBALLS  

Pure Silicone

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher or boil to sterilize.



Total Length:  2 3/8”

Total Circumference:  7.5”

Inside Diameter:  1 5/8”, Stretches to 1 ¾”

Weight:  1.5 oz.

  • Item #: AJ-1000

SPORT cockring by ATOMIC JOCK...Shockingly Superior

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