SOAKER-PLUG piss-sprinkler by OXBALLS

Piss play is pretty mild stuff here at OXBALLS…in fact, we encourage all the pigs here to not lift the toilet seat when they piss…(though our toilet seats stay pretty piss-free cause we actually found an old piss trough at a junkyard and installed it in our warehouse (not in the bathroom)…this is, after all OXBALLS

Pissing on, or in a guy is a blast…we love a strong hard stream of beer-piss…but what if you have a couple guys on their knees, begging for your golden spray?  Who gets it first, both guys mouth are hanging open, drooling…both guys dicks are hard, (ones uncut of course with tons of overhang, hey, it’s my fantasy OK?).  But who do you choose to piss on first…

Why must you choose?…Pop in our SOAKER-PLUG, and piss on both guys at once…or on a group of piss-boys…

Kick back in your tub, or as Ox does here in sunny L.A., lay out by the pool in the hot midday sun…lube up your pisshole and slide in SOAKER-PLUG…let the piss rain down, soaking your face, pits, chest, crotch…

We do have water restrictions here in California, so we can only use this piss-sprinkler on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but hell we gotta do what’s right for the environment, right?

The 6 holes on the tip of SOAKER-PLUG are just the right size to keep the water pressure just right for good piss-spray coverage…the plug is the same size as most beginner piss-plugs on the market so one size fits most.

Manufactured from aircraft aluminum, with a smooth brushed finish…

Use common sense playing with pisstoys…clean toys well, use sterile water based lube when playing with plugs, or use your own precum or piss…



LENGTH:  2.5” (65 mm)

TIP:  5.15 mm


USABLE LENGTH:  2” (5cm)

  • Item #: M-10029

SOAKER-PLUG piss-sprinkler by OXBALLS

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