PROBE Extra Long Silicone Sound OXBALLS

Take your sounding to all new depths with PROBE, the new super lengthy silicone sound from OXBALLS.

PROBE is a flexible, soft silicone sound that’s super smooth n’ squishy to the touch.

Silicone is our favorite for sounding, the smooth material heats up to body temperature and is less likely to cause irritation or harm than with metal or other rigid sounds.

PROBE may be intimidatingly long but that doesn’t mean it’s only for advanced sounders, the gradual taper lets you start slowly and work your way up based on your own personal level of experience.

Don’t be scared to get messy, PROBE’s fleshy base doubles as a textured grip for easy control even with lubed up greasy paws. 

If you're new to sounding, we recommend doing your research and taking steps to ensure you're playin' safely. 


Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in a diluted bleach/water solution. Hell, our silicone is so tough you can even autoclave it.

We recommend using sterile, medical grade lubricant with PROBE or any other sound.

Made in the USA


Stats (Approximate):

Length: 14.75”/ 374.65 mm

Usable Length: 13.75”/ 349.25 mm

Diameter: .2031 - .4062”/ 16 FR – 32 FR

Weight: 1.4 oz / 39.6893 gr

  • Item #: OX-1359

PROBE Extra Long Silicone Sound OXBALLS

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