POWER-SHOT shower hose kit
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We had POWER-SHOT shower hose made exclusively for us because other shower hoses left us feeling "less than fresh".

This is the best hose kit available.  We had the nozzle tip machined from solid aluminum.  The water jet holes are sized just right for good water flow--not just forward but a wider “spray”…single hole shower shot tips just don’t get you as clean or as deep a clean-out.

Comes with a diverter valve that lets you adjust the flow of water after you get just the right temp…the hose is 6 feet long, the nozzle is 6” and a thicker than cheaper plastic or rubber hoses.

Includes everything you need for quick set-up:  hose, nozzle, diverter and rubber washers.



Made in USA…designed for OXBALLS  


  • Item #: M-10027

POWER-SHOT shower hose kit

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