OXR1 cockring 4-PACK

OXR1 cockrings.  Oxballs.com gives you one free with every order, but we get requests to get more, spmetimes stacks of them...OXR1 is a really good basic boner ring...just the right stretch and size, just tight enough to restrict blood-flow keeping you harder longer while you bate...or whatever it is you do with your dick.

So, here you go, a super affordable cockring you will use and can use hard.

Why have a bunch?  Some guys layer rings to adjust how tight the feel is...some guys stack these on their balls as a excellent ball-stretching system...some guys bring these ot play with others, and toss when done.  OXR1 is cheap where it counts, the price.

Made of super stretchy strong TPR, they may cost under $2 each, but they last longer than most toss-away truck-stop/video store/cheapy gummy rings.  

You get 4 for $9, but you also get one free with any order you place at oxballs.com, so you get 5 in your box.

COLORS:  assorted, we make em in black, red, and police blue, but they are assorted (we make them in a random mix), you will get what we grab.

Theres a reson guys love these, try one, (free with any order), or add 4, they are that good!


  • Item #: OXR1 4-PK

OXR1 cockring 4-PACK

Price: $9.00
3 or more: $8.00 each
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