OXBALLS OUTLET: 2 silicone cockrings $15

GET 2 liquid platinum silicone cockrings: the good stuff we make here in Los Angeles for $15!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 2 pack cockrings $15...actual value $52-$89...or higher

All silicone cockrings are full-size super blubbery hand-poured liquid platinum silicone cockrings we rejected because the color wasn't exact or these are small batch cockrings we made to test new colors--every one is perfect just not perfect enough for us...

Disclaimer stuff: Offer valid while we have supply, we pick colors and design--may be in basic packaging, not marked for resale, many are unique, some are strange...all feel so good.

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  • Item #: 2rejectCKRG

OXBALLS OUTLET: 2 silicone cockrings $15

Price: $15.00
2 or more: $13.00 each
3 or more: $11.00 each
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