OUTLET: ELONG nipsuckers BLACK CHERRY 25% off!

OXBALLS OUTLET hünkyjunk ELONG wide flange base nipsuckers in new black cherry rubber 25% off (limited quantities)

Hünkyjunk tests new materials and color in our favorite gear, this glossy rubbery, kinda sinister color black cherry is in hünkyjunk super grip TPR…we made only one hundred of these 2-pack suckers—all the features that make good power-sucking nippers—these have a flange base that gives more contact to grip, and bands around the outside for grip and more pulling suck.

These short-run toy offers are always in our OUTLET, but they change often as these disappear—no limit on these so grab what you want—we have 3 hunkyjunk toys in this dark new rubber color: LOCKDOWN chastity, ELONG nipsuckers and this SLINGSHOT.

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ELONG nipsucker info:

ELONG nip-suckers work, they really do suck…and look so cool.  They are slightly curved but not tapered--these will suck any size nips and are deep enough and big enough for small to medium piercings.

These suckers stay on, the base flares out for more contact with skin, they will seal to small or larger--even furry chests.

What give these powerful suction are the four springy rings that make the nipple-tube spring open without collapsing like old snakebite suckers-- we made the walls thinner to allow for more pump and even larger sucked nips.

Made from our best-selling flexTPR,  for amazing stretch and strength.  Phthalate free.

Stats (Approximate):

Width: 1.25 – 1.5”
Height: 2”
Depth: 1”
Outer circumference: 3.5 – 4.5”
Inner Circumference: 2.5”
Weight: 1 oz

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OUTLET: ELONG nipsuckers BLACK CHERRY 25% off!

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