OUTLET: BLUE'R BALLS pack 40% off!


Fill up your gear drawer or playroom with OXBALLS new pack deals…our best toys in 3-packs, 5-packs, even piggy 9-packs of our best stuff—gear you crave and want to use 40-75% off reg price.  We test colors during the year and stock these away if we don’t add them to our line, rare cool shades for your dick…same OXBALLS quality.

We have multi-packs and single packs, but all are very limited and will disappear fast, if it’s on our site we have it (we’d never sub a color on your order). Most come in our packaging, but some are in sealed cello pouches to save waste on these limited runs.

The pack offers are always in our OUTLET, but they change often as these disappear—please one multi-pack per order, the single packs are unlimited so grab as many as you want, plus you get more discount if you add multiples of these single packs to your stash.

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BLUE’R BALLS fuck-pack 40% off reg price for three cool blue and steel toys

3-pack OXBALLS toys, you get one of each in this pack:

NUTTERBATOR cockring in smokey clear blue—this is a bulge-ring

MAXSLING in liquid steel color—this rubbery stretchy cocksling grips your cock and balls for extra bulge

FINGERFUCK JO glove has a textured palm plus each finger is a different texture and thickness for digging in your hole or gripping your dick and balls, pegging with one finger or deep gaping and  fisting…in clear hazy smoke.

THREE rubbery big toys $49 (reg $82)

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OUTLET: BLUE'R BALLS pack 40% off!

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