NUT-BUSTER ball crusher by OXBALLS

Some guys giggle when you tug or tickle their nuts…others can't take any ball-play at all…we dig heavy duty nut-stretching…we like ballstretchers, heavy weights hung from a swinging ballsack…guys tied spread eagle with 2 size 13E Wesco boots hung from his Chicken McNuggets…

And we like ball-CRUSHING! 

If the idea of this makes you grab your junk and shudder…move on…but if you dig some long, slow pressure flattening your sack…cranked down little by little…building up pressure…a little pain…more pain…stroking with each crank of the 2 screws mashing your balls between 2 thick plates of industrial plexi…edging closer and closer to climax…your sweaty sack trying to pull up ready to lock and load…a few more screw twists, your meat rock hard and dripping…one last crank and BLAM! POW! SPLAT!

That’s what happened to our model Bronson Gates when we took these photos…he doesn’t usually say much--a quiet reserved brooding fucker…but I was cranking down the screws, mashing his balls to get a good photo, and he grunted out, (without touching himself), “GONNA SHOOT!”

And he did…big time…

Remember to unscrew slowly, not unlike nipple clamps, there’s gonna be some pain when you let the blood flow back into your sack…delicious pain…(insert sinister laugh here).

NUT-BUSTER is built tough, we use quarter inch Plexiglas, our competitors use 3/16”…no metal on this thing, the screws are molded nylon—cause this things gonna get wet…sweat…cum…some guys even piss when some S&M Master works their balls…pussies…

We made the top crusher plate on a computer-run robotic cutting machine; the bulls-eye target on the face is carved deep into the surface…the cock hole is smooth, and all edges are rounded-off.  Other crushers are square with sharp edges…your gonna thrash around while using this thing, unless you are lucky enough to be restrained…so we make ours with no corners or sharp edges…

A great toy for a long slow self-edging session…a great tool for Masters and slaves…S&M play…bondage…

Check out our matching TARGET PRACTICE paddles as well…

Colors:  Acid Yellow front with black back, Clear Red with black back, and Clear front with black back.


Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Quarter inch Plexiglas, Nylon Screws, Lexan hinge.

Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher.


Weight:  .60 lbs.

7” x 6” x 2.5”

Cock & Ball hole diameter:  2.5”

Cock & Ball hole circumference:  7.12”

Cock-hole Diameter:  1.75”

Cock-hole Circumference:  6.5”

  • Item #: M-10016

NUT-BUSTER ball crusher by OXBALLS

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