NIP-MASTER ultra nip-clamps by OXBALLS

NIP-MASTER nip clamps are made for us by a guy that makes really cool sex toys on his CNC metal cutter--he's inked all over and has a amazing kinky creative mind...he makes the most insanely cool gear and OXBALLS loves his stuff. 

If your nips like to be worked, you use nip-sucker, like 'em chewed, tugged and played with, these clamps will add to your nip-game.  Totally adjustable, and with diamond cut non-slip grip plates, these can be a mild toy with little pressure, especially if you like the tips of yoru nips rubbed, or screw them down and feel the crush.

Machined of aircraft aluminum, all the edges are smooth and they have been burnished to help the grip, these are made to last, really, forever.  The are expensive but crafted so well.


Set of 2, Made here in Los Angeles.



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NIP-MASTER ultra nip-clamps by OXBALLS

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