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Please note, Mr. S neoprene gear is produced and shipped directly from their home base in San Francisco, California. 


Oxballs is now proud to carry the best-selling neoprene designs of Mr. S Leather. Whether it’s for their technique, high quality material, or piggy designs, anyone who knows gear knows the name Mr. S.

Whether you’re looking to play the superhero or villain, the NEOPRENE MERCENARY MUZZLE from Mr. S will transform you into a force to be reckoned with.

Add some oomph to your anonymity with this sleek sexy piece. Shiny neoprene with colored piping wraps to perfectly fit the contours of your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Vents for the nose and mouth let you breath with ease and give you that post-apocalyptic punk look…

The racing stripes on either side add a pop of color and let you mix n’ match with your favorite gear or flag your fetish.

Three snaps on the neck strap and the head strap allow for adjustability. One size fits most.

Think Mad Max meets Mr. S


Easy to clean with just a little bit of dishwashing soap. Piss and cum friendly!

Designed and manufactured right in the heart of San Francisco by Mr. S Leather.

  • Item #: NEO-310


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