MILLENNIUM 8.5oz silicone lube
MILLENNIUM 8.5oz silicone lube bottle

hünkyjunk loves Millennium ® pure silicone lube, it's slick but not sticky, no scent, no color...just long-lasting super slick lube. If you haven't tried silicone lube, use sparingly, a little goes a long way, especially amazing for JO, Millennium is premium and concentrated, it stays slick no matter how long and wet you play. Its the good stuff.

What sold us on Millennium Silicone Lube is it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

Millennium ® is safe to use with TPR, latex, metal and PVC toys**, all hunkyjunk toys are super-safe flextpr or silicone blend so you can indulge while playing with your favorite toys--The formula is great for JO, it feels warm, and seriously just a drop or 2 is all you need.

hünkyjunk hopes you like Millennium Silicone lube, we don't offer any product that we don't think is the absolute best!

**Not recommended for 100% silicone toys, use GLIDE water-base instead. Always wash toys after use, store in fabric like clean cheap tube socks or wrapped in a bandanna, or store separately in divided containers. Your toys will last longer, stay clean, and look like new longer.

When choosing silicone lube, the best stuff only has 3-4 ingredients, if you see more it's full of extenders and you wont get the real feel silicone lube gives you.

Our price? we love this lube, it is the only silicone lube we offer so we get a good price...we know as a product, silicone lube is expensive, but you need so little--just a drop or two and you are slicked up ready to play!

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone And Dimethiconol.


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MILLENNIUM 8.5oz silicone lube

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