MEATPLUG-5, small string-of-balls dick-plug by OXBALLS

Check out some of the recent pig-porn, we’re sure you’ve seen a lot of pisshole stuffing…  Sticking junk in our holes is as American as apple pie… working toys into your pisshole is new to most, but of course no hole is safe at OXBALLS….

Feels  like jacking off from the inside of your dick, some get off just on how hot it looks…body mod freaks get off on stretching their pisshole over time…Ox at oxballs had a fuck-bud that could take his entire finger deep in his pisshole…

Metal sounds are fun but they can go it deep, plugs are best for beginners and hole stretchers…all five styles of MEATPLUGS from OXBALLS are made from mirror polished aircraft aluminum, they are heavy, slicker than a lube spill at a fuck party…they have big grip-bases so there is no chance of one going up in your dick too far…

MEATPLUG-5 is a good beginner plug, round ball tip, the shape holds a lot of precum or steryl lube...comes in high-polish silver, and deeply anodized black, blue and red, (a finish that wont chip or scratch)…slick it up, or milk out some pre-cum and slip one in…never force it…spin, twist and jack em in your meat, a tool for your “tool”….

Follow some simple rules, use only sterile lube for piss-hole play, best are single use packets, keep your toys clean…

We recommend using sterile, medical grade lubricant with MEATPLUG or any other sound.


Total Length:  3”

Total Circumference:  2”

Usable Length:  2.½”

Smallest Usable Circumference:  1”

Largest Usable Circumference:  2”

Weight:  .5oz.



  • Item #: M-10040

MEATPLUG-5, small string-of-balls dick-plug by OXBALLS

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