JO-FIST SMALL Silicone Penetrator OXBALLS

Put a whole new meaning to the term “fist fucking” with the JO-FIST, the new hand shaped silicone double penetrator from OXBALLS.

JO-FIST straps to your meat by the cockring shaped base that stays in place even when you’re piston punchin’ his pucker.  

JO-FIST is a hyper realistic hand made from soft but firm silicone, now you can fuck him and fill him with fist at the same time...

Choose from three different styles based on your level of ass wreckage: SMALL, WIDE, and DEEP.

SMALL is a little smaller than your standard paw, perfect for newbies looking to try their hand at takin’ one up their tight hole.

WIDE is for the more seasoned fist pig, it's modeled after a bigger than average man mitt and designed to stretch your ass lips out good.

DEEP is more on the expert side of the scale; its length and width make it a truly formidable fucker. If you’re no stranger to ridin’ an arm to the elbow then this is the toy for you…


Lube safe: water base, oil base, silicone base, hybrid base. Cleaning: Dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution, detergent and hot water. Hell, our silicone is so tough you can even boil it.

Made in the USA


Stats (Approximate):


Total Length: 8”/ 20.32 cm

Usable Length:  7”/ 17.78 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 3.5”/ 8.89 cm

Largest Usable Circumference: 8”/ 20.32 cm

Weight:  11.6 oz

  • Item #: OX-1209-1211

JO-FIST SMALL Silicone Penetrator OXBALLS

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