HUMP PEGGER silicone pegger OXBALLS

If you’re the kinda pig who loves that precum spurtin,’ eye rollin’ sensation when your nut is stroked from the inside, our PEGGERS are sure to rub you the right way. Each PEGGER is made from soft, smooth, pliable silicone…the weighted base is perfect for twistin’ n’ turnin’ making rooting around in your insides an all new experience.

Pick your PEGGER, slather it up in your favorite lube, slide it in your hungry hole, and probe til’ you pop.

 If you’re new to anal exploration we recommend starting with our PEGGERS….they’re modest enough for tight newbie holes but designed to please even the hungriest of asspigs. And with four models to choose from, there’s something for all you fetish freaks:


The HUMP PEGGER is a slender, bent, pucker pleaser with a nub designed to rub across your prostate with each smooth stroke.  



Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, and silicone lubes

 Cleaning:  always clean stretchy toys after use, use detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in mild bleach-water solution. You can even boil it…we recommend storing all toys dry wrapped in a piece of fabric or laid out separately in your toy chest…



Length: 6”/ 15.2 cm

Circumference: 8”/ 20.3 cm

Usable Circumference: 4”/ 10.2 cm

Usable Length: 5”/ 12.7 cm



  • Item #: OX-1205

HUMP PEGGER silicone pegger OXBALLS

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