HOOD MORESKIN MEDIUM Silicone Faux Foreskin

Foreskin fanatic? Does the sight of a droopy snout leakin’ precum get your mouth watering? Can’t get enough uncut meat? Well, you’re in luck cuz at Oxballs, we think foreskin is fuckin’ fantastic!

We’ve tried all the restoration techniques out there but sadly, to no avail…we finally decided to say ‘fuck it’ and make some foreskin of our own!

MORESKIN is made from our signtature Pure Platinum grade silicone. Each piece is as fleshy and soft as the real deal and stretch up to 3 times their original size.

The ergonomic design melds to the shape of your meat and clings to you like a second skin. MORESKIN’s super soft material and unique shape were created for extended wear and use…you can even piss outta your new hood.

If worn regularly, MORESKIN may increase production of your cock’s natural lubrication and the sensitivity of your dickhead.

Each set of MORESKIN contains two sizes, one for all day wear when you’re soft and a slightly larger size designed to grip your swollen cockhead when you’re sportin’ a hefty hard on.

HOOD is a hyper-realistic hood complete with gnarly veins and drooping overhang...this fucker looks so real it makes our mouths water… 

We recognize there aren’t many options out there for men who have already been cut, but we wanted to create something that offers guys the chance at having some droopy skin of their own. 

MORESKIN is the closest thing we’ve encountered to a non-disposable product designed solely for dudes craving the uncut experience.  


Made in USA

Lube safe: Water-based (recommended), oil based

Cleaning Instructions: Wash immediately after use with soap and warm water or a diluted bleach/water solution. Air dry, store product away from sunlight and extreme heat. Avoid storing product touching TPR, Vinyl, or other Silicone toys. 


How to Measure: 

1. Take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around your dick right behind the head (take one measurement while soft, one measurement sportin’ a stiffy).

2. Then, using a ruler, measure the length of the string.

3. Choose the set that best matches your largest measurement.

Remember, silicone stretches a lot so don’t be afraid to be accurate in your sizing.

If you are in between sizes, we recommend going with the next size down...this is one of the few times where it doesn’t pay to be a size queen.



Regular; S/M Set = Up to 4.75”/ 120.65 mm

Large; M/L Set = 4.75” and up/ 120.65 mm and up

The Regular Package contains HOOD (S) and HOOD (M).

The Large Package contains HOOD (M) and HOOD (L).


Stats (Approximate):


Height: 2.5”/ 63.5 mm

Circumference: 3.5 - 3.75”/ 88.9 – 95.25 mm

Inside Circumference (Stretches to fit your meat): 2”/ 50.8 mm

Weight: .8 oz/ 22.6796 gm



Height: 3”/ 76.2 mm

Circumference: 4 - 4.5”/ 101.6 – 114.3 mm

Inside Circumference (Stretches to fit your meat): 2.5”/ 63.5 mm

Weight: 1.2 oz/ 34.0194 gm



Height: 3.5”/ 88.9 mm

Circumference: 4.5 - 5”/ 114.3 – 127 mm

Inside Circumference (Stretches to fit your meat): 2.75”/ 69.85 mm

Weight: 1.8 oz/ 51.0291 gm


This product is not intended for use during penetration.   

  • Item #: OX-1353-MED

HOOD MORESKIN MEDIUM Silicone Faux Foreskin

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