Hole-hogs rejoice…now you can experience the joys of having a thick mitt up your butt anytime, anyplace…

HANDBALL is a solid silicone buttplug shaped like a balled fist that feels just as good as the real deal.

The base of HANDBALL is designed to strap onto a buttplug harness for hours and hours of asshole stretchin’ n’ openin.’ The soft pliable silicone in combination with a harness will keep your pucker comfortably stuffed all day.

Harness or no…the wide fist shape and tapered base guarantees that once this plug is shoved up your guts…it ain’t goin’ anywhere ‘til you’re ready to take it out.

HANDBALL is the size of a small guy’s fist…perfect for dudes lookin’ to train their pucker to take a piston punchin’… 

Go through your daily routine with a greasy paw shoved snug up your fuckhole.


For all day wear try it with our new NEOPRENE BUTTPLUG HARNESS. (Not included)


Lube safe: waterbased, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone. Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in a diluted bleach/water solution.

Made in the USA


Stats (approximate inches/cm):

Largest Usable Circumference: 8.5”/ 21.59 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 4.5”/ 11.43 cm

Length: 5”/ 12.7 cm

Usable Length: 4”/ 11.43 cm

Weight: 11.6 oz

  • Item #: OX-1244


Price: $75.00
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