GUARD GAG-ASH Silicone Ashtray Gag OXBALLS

Have you ever picked up a smokin’ hot trick only to get home and realize that their horse hung cock and pert fuckable ass can’t make up for the nasally screech that is their voice? Well for that reason…and so many more…the pervs at OXBALLS have created the GUARD GAG-ASH.

Put that boy's mouth to work by turning him into your personal human ashtray.

The GUARD GAG-ASH is designed to not only look fuckin’ hot, but with its adjustable leather straps and durable silicone material….it fits any size face. Hell, even the mouthpiece is made of silicone so no matter how much you gnash and gnaw on it …it'll keep its shape. Feel free to get wild; our silicone is so tough that even a lit cigar won't fuck it up.

Each GUARD GAG-ASH comes with a detachable mouth tray insert that begs to be filled with your cig or cigar ash. If he wasn't a 'gar pig to begin with...he will sure learn to be one. 


And because the gag and insert are made from silicone, clean up is easier than wiping off your own slimy dick….no need to worry about that funky smell that hard to clean gags like leather or neoprene start to develop over time.

ASH insert also available for purchase without gag. 

Phthalate free. Clean with soap and warm water after use. Store in a dry, cool place. 


Standard Inner Core Dimension:

Overall Length- 2.5 inches

Usable Gag Length- 1.25 inches


Faceplate Dimensions:

Overall Length- approximately 8 inches


  • Item #: OX-1230

GUARD GAG-ASH Silicone Ashtray Gag OXBALLS

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