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SUCKS there are so few places you can smoke a truck on the way to work in the morning, the warehouse, the patio of the Eagle bar, soakin in the hot-tub, walking to the gym, our sling room, (nicknamed the "Rumpus Room")...thats only 6 or 7 Gars a day...

Beer, cigars, sex and gear...

The guy that posed for this shirt design is a skinhead biker that works for NASA...he helped design the Mars as hell, twisted as fuck...he's got more leather, rubber, neoprene gear than the most dedicated gear pigs I know...somehow manages to smoke cigars most days, (difficult here in sunny, smog-free Los Angeles)...

We all meet for gear poker alternate Thursday's...leather, neoprene or rubber, cigars and cards...a few piss-boys usually drop by...the air reeks of smoke, sweat, and leather...could It get any better?


Printed in tobacco brown on black T-shirt.

Sizes:  S-M-L-XL


All OXBALLS t-shirts are screen print by hand right here in the USA on what we think is the best shirt available with the best fit, and fine light-weight 100% cotton side seams so the shirts don't torque...they fit true to size, but not baggy more of a athletic cut.  The sleeves are cut narrower to show off your guns not baggy, loose or floppy. The crew neck trim is narrower finer rib that lays flat...they wash well, and do not shrink.

A suggestion on washing black t-shirts, (and your favorite Levis), turn them inside out when you wash em if you want them to stay black longer...if you like your gear to fade over time ignore this...


original print design copyright OXBALLS 2012

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