BORE Hollow Buttplug with Stopper OXBALLS

BORE is a thick spiral shaped plug with a hollow core that gives you the dual sensation of being stuffed full while simultaneously being gaped wide. 

BORE’s cog shaped base and sturdy spiral design let you easily stuff it up a hungry hog's hole.

Just slather BORE in lube (don’t be afraid to get generous), place the tip gently against your boy’s ass-lips and using the base, slowly twist and guide BORE deeper and deeper into his fuck-hole…now that’s what we call screwin’ a tight ass… 

Once he’s nice n’ stuffed that’s when the real fun can start…BORE comes with a silicone stopper so you can bloat your bottom with piss, beer, or lube then plug ‘em up tight…fuck his throat or plant your sweaty ass on his face and watch him squirm while your man juice sloshes around his guts…use his mouth as a urinal and fill him up even more…the piggy possibilities are endless…

BORE is about the size and thickness of a can of brew…guaranteed to fill you up.


Lube safe: waterbase, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone. Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in a diluted bleach/water solution.

Made in the USA from our signature Pure Platinum Cure Silicone


Stats (Approximate):

Total Length: 5.75"/ 14.605 cm

Usable Length: 4.5"/ 11.43 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 6.5"/ 16.51 cm

Largest Usable Circumference: 9.5"/ 24.13 cm

Stopper Length: 2.75”/ 6.985 cm

Stopper Circumference: 3“/ 7.62 cm

Weight: 1lb  2 .0 oz

  • Item #: OX-1248

BORE Hollow Buttplug with Stopper OXBALLS

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