BAD-PUP paddle OXBALLS 50% off!

BAD-PUP is our latest toy for pups and their trainers…hand machined from heavy plate aluminum, this paddle is a hefty ass-whacker that’ll leave your pup whimpering but grateful…and with some hot red welts he will feel for days…

Grab the dog-bone handle and start with some light taps, and work up to harder smacks…metal on skin will make an impression on pups behaving badly…

Perfect size for butt-whacking…hang it from the leather loop on your belt or a clip, or stuff it in the back pocket of your levis leaving the “BONE” end showing, (never hurts to advertise what you want)--if you’re a BDSM pup-trainer, or a puppy that needs some discipline…

We engineer stuff right here at OXBALLS, the bullet holes and grooves in the paddle actually allow air to channel out so you get maximum paddle-to-ass contact…

This is one BAD PUPPY of a paddle!

Made of quarter inch aircraft aluminum plate…all edges are rounded and buffed…weighs almost 1 lb.


Made in Los Angeles…design copyright OXBALLS  

13” x 5.5” (excluding leather hang loop)

15 oz.


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BAD-PUP paddle OXBALLS 50% off!

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