6-PACK cockring 50% off! RED

Note: 6-PACK is sold as one individual cockring.

50% off NOW!

6-PACK cockring RED

*while we still have them 

Sex is a sport…at least at OXBALLS it is.  Competitive, sweaty, aggressive, and soaked in Testosterone…and lube…you should see our locker-room. 

6-PACK cockring is built for rough hard-muscled sex, hard crunch power lifting grunting hit the wall spike it in the end-zone sex.  It's light weight--tight enough to keep your fuck-muscle hard, but super stretchy to keep your nuts in play…

6-PACK is a super stretchy, rubbery ring modeled after a pair of sleek 6 pack abs.

 Made by ATOMIC JOCK of SKINFLEX blend a resilient non-toxic super plastic that stretches 8X it’s original size and snaps back into shape every time. If you are a fan of OXBALLSPowerballs or Screwballs cockrings, this will be your new favorite.

COLORS: Black, Clear, Hornet Green, Ice Blue, Clear Orange, Red, Smoke, Milk white. 


Made in CHINA…design copyright Atomic Jock   


Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes 

Cleaning:  always clean any stretchy or soft toy after use, they will last longer, look better and dude, its kinda gross leaving your gear dirty…use detergent and hot water, air dry. 


Stats (inches/cm): 

Total Length:  1 7/8” 

Inside:  7/8” 

Weight:  1 oz.

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6-PACK cockring 50% off! RED

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