SPLITZ...ballstretcher with splitter strap by OXBALLS
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Separate your balls and stretch your sack with SPLITZ ball-stretcher/splitter… made of the same super stretchy Tech-TPR as the OXBALLS Cocksling, this fucker is made to last, but still has all the stretch you need to slip over your greasy ball-sack…

If you are a fan of our Bullballs-1 or Bullballs-1, SPLITZ is sized in the middle of these, but with a new hourglass shaped center core, so it is tighter mid-sack for more squeeze where you need it, plus our new TECH-TPR is super stretchy, much more than silicone…the splitter strap easily slips over the hugest nutt-sack….even huge pumped balls…

After a long stroke session, even a porn-stars night of fuckin’, this fucker is tight enough to keep your ballsack stretched and separated, but will not dig into your sack-skin or strangle your nuts til they turn blue.

We do like blue though, we really dig the new Blue color, looks great with your gear…looks hot on pink hard dicks with blond pubes, it’ll even match your cocksucker’s eyes (if they’re blue of course)…looks just as hot on a dark drooling uncut dick with black pubes…fact is there isn’t a dick we at OXBALLS.

comes in black, blue, red and silver…??


Inside Diameter: 1.1/2”

Height:  1.3/4”

Outside Diameter:  2”

Weight:  2oz.

  • Item #: CBT-216

SPLITZ...ballstretcher with splitter strap by OXBALLS

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