PUCKER STUFFER Trainer Buttplug
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New to buttplay? Lookin’ to train your hole to take bigger toys or a proper poundin’?

PUCKER STUFFER is soft squishy plug that’s designed to gradually stretch your buttpucker for hours of comfortable wear and use.


Available in three sizes:

PUCKER STUFFER I is about the length and width of a grown man’s finger…perfect for guys new to explorin’ butt play.

PUCKER STUFF II is about the width of two man fingers that tapers into a thinner base…an intermediate hole-plugger.

PUCKER STUFF III is about the width of 3 thick man fingers…the length and thickness of this fucker will really fill you up.


Made in CHINA


Phthalate free


Stats (Approximate):


Total Length: 4.75”/ 12.07 cm

Usable Length: 4”/ 10.16 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 2.25”/ 5.72 cm

Largest Usable Circumference: 2.75”/ 6.99 cm

Weight: 2.1 oz



Total Length: 5.5”/ 13.97 cm

Usable Length: 4.75”/ 12. 07 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 3”/ 7.62 cm

Largest Usable Circumference: 4.75”/ 12. 07 cm

Weight: 4 oz



Total Length: 5.5”/ 13.97 cm

Usable Length: 5”/ 12.7 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference: 5.75”/ 14.61

Largest Usable Circumference: 3.75”/ 9.53

Weight: 5.9 oz

  • Item #: T-10091

PUCKER STUFFER Trainer Buttplug

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