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"Last want it?"


"Already had 7, bud, you're piss-drunk, hell, you pissed your pants there buddy".

"Just gimme the beer fucker, had a bad 'nuf day, dont need no more your shit".

"FUCK YOU, Bubba"...he pops open the beer and chugs the warm brew in one long gulp, crushing the can.

"Not cool...fuckin took the LAST beer!?!...cocksucker!"...standing up whipping out his dick, Bubba pisses all over his buds dirty work boots...

"Bubba...sick of your crap...sick of you gettin' piss-drunk...sick of your stupid piss!"  picks up his nail gun and 41 nails in the nead...all over a can of warm beer...

Here's to good times...


NAILED T-shirt...a real X-Ray printed in shades of blue and regret on a black T.

Sizes:  S-M-L-XL-XXL


All OXBALLS t-shirts are screen print by hand right here in the USA on what we think is the best shirt available with the best fit, and fine light-weight 100% cotton side seams so the shirts don't torque...they fit true to size, but not baggy more of a athletic cut.  The sleeves are cut narrower to show off your guns not baggy, loose or floppy. The crew neck trim is narrower finer rib that lays flat...they wash well, and do not shrink.

A suggestion on washing black t-shirts, (and your favorite Levis), turn them inside out when you wash em if you want them to stay black longer...if you like your gear to fade over time ignore this...


original print design copyright OXBALLS 2012

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