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At OXBALLS, nothin’ gets our juices flowin’ more than the glug glug glug sound of piss fillin’ up a hungry hole. The only thing better?…Two sloppy holes sloshin’ and stuffed full of man juice. That’s why we went ahead and made the FILLER BUDDY, a simple yet fuckin’ nasty dual buttplug combo.

The plugs are made from firm but flexible silicone and the flared tip and tapered shape locks nice and snug in your guts. Best of all, each FILLER BUDDY is connected with 1 inch thick clear vinyl tubing so you can watch your piss or beer loads drain back and forth fillin’ you both to burstin.’

With a plug firmly up each of your chutes, that piss has nowhere to go but in and out of your crampin,’ gurglin’ insides. The FILLER BUDDY is also perfect for prepping each other for some in-depth anal exploration. Pop the plug in a pig, pour a bunch of lube in one end, shove the other up your hole and give each other the lube-job of a lifetime.

Go ahead, get as fuckin’ dirty as you want. Each buttplug detaches from the tubing making clean up and sanitizing easy as doin’ the dishes. 



Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, and silicone lubes

Cleaning:  always clean stretchy toys after use, use detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in mild bleach-water solution. You can even boil it (silicone)…we recommend storing all toys dry wrapped in a piece of fabric or laid out separately in your toy chest…



Total Length: approximately 26” / 66.1 cm

Usable Circumference (Plug): 2 1/4 ” / 5.7 cm

Usable Length:  3” / 7.6 cm

Circumference (Tubing): 4” / 10.2 cm

Weight:  9 oz

  • Item #: OX-1199


Price: $98.00
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