BUTT-BOMBS...Smooth Cool Deep Pumping…OXBALLS
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BUTT-BOMB is slick cool machined fun…something about a smooth “ball” working its way inside your hole--push it against your pucker with lots of lube on the ball and on your crack…the round shape is intense cause as you expand to take it and you reach the widest part, your asslips just suck it in with a juicy slurp. 

The handle lets you keep it just inside your hole--work that part of your hole where you feel the pressure and all the pleasure and that opened-wide feeling…twist the handle around but keep the ball wedged up your pucker…as you move and twist it pulls your wet puffy lips in and out...feels like the best rim-job and fuck all at once… 

Probe around slow or punch-fuck your pucker. 

You have TOTAL control over how deep or how shallow you want to play…we like this one with a ton of sloppy, messy lube--every tap on the shaft transmits deep to the ball.  Because it is so smooth, every twist, every move rubs your insies with cool slick wetness… 

BUTT-BOMB in sizes for tight beginner holes up to huge well fucked puckers. 

In four sizes:

1.5” (Diameter) Small  (about the thickness of 2 fingers)

2” (Diameter) Medium  (thick like 3-4 fingers)

2.5” (Diameter) Large  (like 4 thick fingers or a fat dick)

3” (Diameter) XL  (like the thickest part of a big fist) 

This is a solid toy, the shaft is thick-machined aluminum pipe, the ball is cut from a solid chunk of Aircraft Aluminum. 

Made in USA…designed by OXBALLS  

Aluminum with neoprene handle grip

Lube safe:  All

Cleaning:  detergent and hot water. 

Stats (inches/cm):

Total Length:  14”

Usable Length:  9.5”

Weight:  10oz.-25oz.

  • Item #: M-10000

BUTT-BOMBS...Smooth Cool Deep Pumping…OXBALLS

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