BOOB Silicone Buttplug OXBALLS
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Supple nipple nub on top of a fleshy boob-like bulb...the bulb has subtle nubs on it...will give you a nice stretch before it slips in...Can you say "mama"?

This one's a heavy plug, thick in the middle and narrow at the base...guaranteed to give your pucker a work out.

Another triple-D design from Oxballs.


Made in USA…design copyright OXBALLS  

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution


Stats (Approximate): 

Total Length:  8”/20cm

Total Circumference:   9”/23cm

Usable Length:  7”/18cm              

Smallest Usable Circumference:  3”/8cm 

Largest Usable Circumference:  9”/23cm

Weight:  1.2 lbs./2.6 kilo

  • Item #: OX-1189L

BOOB Silicone Buttplug OXBALLS

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